Do you know about he Baby Safe Haven Law?

Rest in His Arms wants to go out of business. We do not want to bury any more children.  It is to this end that we work closely with the Save Abandoned Babies Foundation

We believe that when more people know about the Baby Safe Haven law and decide to use it, illegal abandonments will cease.  The law is really simple.  It provides mothers in crisis with a safe and legal way to leave their unharmed newborn, less than 30 days old, in the arms of staff at any manned fire station, police station, college or university campus security office, hospital or 24 hour emergency medical center.  There are no questions asked and a relinquished child will receive a medical checkup and then be given to a loving family to adopt.

This approach of no blame, no names and no shame is really making a difference as over 102 babies have been safely relinquished in IL since 2001.

Please, take a moment to tell someone you know about this law as it really does work to save lives!

Illinois Safe Haven Law

You can leave your baby, up to 30 days old, with a staff member at any hospital, fire station, police station or emergency medical services provider in Illinois.

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Safe haven laws differ. All safe haven laws across the country all have similar components, each state has differing requirements.

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